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We can stop and start as needs dictate, in the following ways or
combinations thereof:

  • Provide us the names of the individuals whom you would most
    like to reach out to and we’ll quickly identify direct dial phone
    numbers, as many cell phones as possible and reliable email
  • Let us know what holes exist and we’ll identify entire teams or
    peers or direct reports, for several companies or just the Hiring
    Manager’s most desirable companies
  • We can deliver gorgeous competitive talent maps with photos
    and embedded LinkedIn profiles (which senior management
  • We can quickly identify and phone-screen candidates and when
    we’ve presented 2-3-4 qualified and interested for your
    consideration, we can move to a next critical need
  • Diversity search is a strength of ours (do you know that in the
    US, we are allowed to ask for the exact identity group we seek:
    “We are looking to increase our representation of XX; who can
    you suggest who would meet that need?”)
  • We recruit at the individual level, middle management and
    Division Presidents, all functions, worldwide
  • Corporate clients routinely rely on us to evaluate talent from the
    off-limits companies of their search firm partners
  • We offer preferred pricing per yearly contract and
  • Call us for Sample Research, ROI Analyses, our Strategic Checklist
    for Research, Research Rates, Sourcing Team Development,
    Recruiter Training and One-on-One Coaching, Questions to
    Evaluate Research Providers, Speaker Availability and
    Brainstorming on a Challenging Need

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    Our mission is to provide outstanding search/research solutions, truly passive candidates, expeditiously. We will deliver to you the most on-target talent, not the most available or easiest to find. This is our greatest differentiator.

    What positions have been open the longest? What Client or Hiring Manager would you most like to impress? What critical hiring needs would benefit from direct phone sourcing?

    We hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate our results in delivering outstanding talent to meet your critical need.

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