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Empowered Training

You’ve analyzed your ATS, browsed your Boolean, rifled through resumes, searched social sites, tweaked technology…but still can’t hire talent for that hard-to-fill role!

Learn critical sourcing survival skills and see how one of the world’s leading recruiting experts employs names found online to strategically and efficiently identify key talent by phone for all industries, all functions, and all levels, worldwide. You’ll hear actual recorded calls, employing NLP/Neuro-linguistic programming, hitting pay dirt… and roadblocks. This highly-rated program, called “astounding, unique and compelling”, offers several innovative tools to make you the “go-to” expert in phenomenal phone outreach at your company. As we evolve to a technology-driven society, we espouse technology enhancing recruiting, not driving recruiting, to empower recruiters to connect with people. New and seasoned search professionals can immediately reduce sourcing time while increasing candidate quality…and reputations as Deliverers of Results.

How are you measuring the ROI of all your online recruiting tools, databases and directories? Remember that the telephone is free! What goals have you set to improve the work you do? Would including ethical, efficient telephone talent mapping contribute to improving candidate quality and your overall metrics? Learn these critical-sourcing survival skills, techniques you can immediately apply to your requisitions. Adding original telephone research simply delivers a far greater return than the internet alone for hiring the most qualified, UN-identifiable*, passive talent.

Learn the Art of Quality-First Talent Sourcing via Timeless Telephone Techniques:

  • Increase candidate quality and hire the most-qualified talent, not the most available talent Identify on-target, qualified talent from the very companies the client/hiring manager wants to recruit from
  • Efficiently obtain the names, titles, direct dial numbers and email addresses of the entire group/department/team in record time
  • Build the competitive intelligence and make each call count
  • Reel in truly passive talent
  • Prioritize research and diminish information overload
  • Add value to your clients beyond presenting candidates, improve your individual ROI in your firm and build your personal brand as the “Deliverer of Results”


Do you conduct sensitive investigations like an FBI/CIA Agent? Learn the what-you-say and what-you-don’t-say to get the information you need by phone via NLP/Neuro-linguistics programming. Conni LaDouceur, President and Chief Sourcing Strategist, ExecuQuest Corp., will play real calls identifying on-target talent and getting reporting relationships, phone numbers, email addresses – original research to supplement all you find online. ExecuQuest’s proven-results approach fills in the gaps to give you full spectrum talent mapping, finding the most qualified talent not the most available talent. Come learn from a pioneer and seasoned professional how to rediscover the lost art of original telephone research through her empowering telephone sourcing techniques. Excel in finding and recruiting the UN-findable via this fun, fearless formula and improve your reputation as the Deliverer of Results!