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Conni LaDouceur will obtain your most challenging positions to fill, develop the on-target research and deliver innovative tools and techniques for those very searches/case studies.   She typically rates 4.89 of 5.00 at corporate and staffing recruiting summits and conferences, sharing best practices on successful sourcing and recruiting.


Recruit Like the FBI, the Original Social Engineers

Talent sourcing is undergoing a paradigm shift, new game, new rules.  Agility is key.  In this increasingly digitized and networked business environment, winning organizations proactively go beyond traditional workforce sourcing for competitive advantage.   Learn the efficient, metrics-driven process to recruit the best candidates and, like FBI Agents, learn the what-you-say and what-you-don’t-say via NLP/Neuro-linguistics programming.  Conni LaDouceur, President and Chief Sourcing Strategist, ExecuQuest Corp., will share the most efficient search strategies and dissect actual calls identifying, sourcing and reeling in the most qualified talent, not the most easily findable or easiest to connect with, from IT to healthcare to defense to financial services and beyond. 

 Now that LinkedIn has leveled the playing field, how are you distinguishing your results and demonstrating Recruiting Subject Matter Expertise?  In this interactive session, identify complete intact teams with nice-to-haves, reporting relationships, verify contact data efficiently, etc., for any function, from individual contributors to senior management with empowering sourcing best practices.  Excel in connecting with the people you most want to hire or place for the most challenging open positions via this fun, fearless formula and improve your reputation as the Deliverer of Results!

 This original, innovative and practical session will have you anxious to get back to your office and fill those hard-to-fill jobs!


Mission Impossible? Hiring the Most Qualified Talent from the Forgotten Freeway

Would you rather call 5 highly targeted prospects or 50 people to network with? Recruitment’s value proposition is “hire the best talent, not the most available talent.” 34-71% of the qualified talent pool cannot be identified online or through database research. There is no substitute for calling into a company, identifying the individual who heads your business’ competing organization, and identifying that person’s entire team. You’ll hear actual recorded calls demonstrating how quickly, methodically, and easily entire teams of candidates can be identified and mapped, in organization chart form, in a few phone calls. Reduce your phone time while increasing your phone confidence, efficiency, effectiveness—and the quality of your results. This session takes a traditional approach to recruiting and turns it on its head by offering several techniques to make you the “go-to” expert at your company. Minimize information overload and maximize your ROI as you build your personal brand as the Deliverer of Results!

You’ve analyzed your ATS, browsed your Boolean, rifled through the resumes, searched the social sites, tweaked the technology… and what is your Yield for Recruiting Investment? How many on-target candidates do you have and how much time has elapsed? After this can’t-be-missed session, you will know how to control the information overload and produce the most qualified candidates as efficiently as possible. Novice and experienced recruiters and sourcers alike will be astonished by these direct, ethical, proactive telephone sourcing techniques to supplement and complete your internet and database research. Learn critical-sourcing survival skills from The Seven Habits of Successful Sourcers™ and see how one of the world’s leading recruiting experts utilizes methods to rapidly and inexpensively identify key talent online and by phone in all industries, all functions, and all levels, worldwide. Conni will share her passion for the hunt as you discover the lost art of telephone sourcing in a battle to work smarter, not harder.

You will learn how to:

  • Increase candidate quality and hire the most-qualified talent, not the most available talent
  • Identify the on-target, qualified talent you seek from the very companies the hiring manager wants to recruit from
  • Manage priorities and diminish information overload
  • Build the competitive intelligence and make each call count
  • Reel in truly passive talent
  • Add value to your clients beyond presenting candidates, improve your individual ROI in your firm and build your personal brand as the “Deliverer of Results”!


Recruiters and sourcers, new and seasoned, have commented:

“Loved hearing the calls. These are inspired out-of-the-box ideas!”
-Senior Recruiter, Starbucks

“I’ve been recruiting for years and have never experienced such unique and successful strategies!”
-Senior Business Banking Recruiter, Wells Fargo

“Conni is a superb trainer with great insight into sourcing best practices.”
-Director, Executive Recruiting, Huron Consulting Group

“Definitely positive and beneficial, I can think of various ways to apply these telephone techniques and skills to our work”
-Associate, Heidrick & Struggles

“Could NOT believe Conni’s phone calls! What an efficient way to find qualified candidates!”
-Manager, Talent Acquisition, HSBC

“This was one of the best seminars I’ve attended in my recruiting career”
-Recruiting Specialist, TJX

“Conni’s presentation was exceptionally well received, and we’d certainly be delighted to work with her again.”
-Group CEO & Director, World Executive Search Congress

“Very informative, logical and a new direction out agency needs to move towards to be successful with hiring the best possible talent”,
Sourcing Manager, Hope Association

“Conni’s techniques are timeless and more valuable than any technology in the market today! This was one of the meatiest courses I’ve participated in – I was blown away”
-VP Talent Acquisition, M&T Bank

“Conni’s program can help both new and tenured recruiters tap into effective research techniques to locate qualified candidates who could not otherwise be found”
-RPO Talent Acquisition, Comcast

“Actionable strategies with proven results”
-Sourcer, Aon Hewitt

“Conni is a superb trainer with great insight into sourcing best practices.”
-Director, Talent Acquisition at Huron Consulting Group

“Conni is a pro! It’s a rare opportunity to be able to learn from someone like her.”
-VP, Executive Search, Koya Leadership

“The entire concept has been forgotten. Hearing Conni’s techniques was a breath of fresh air!”
-Manager of Sales Recruiting, Kimball Midwest

“This program brings a new perspective on how different research tools come together to unveil the needle in the haystack”
-Talent Researcher, TJX

“Search/Research is a career-changing course that can only give recruiters major advantages when uncovering additional talent at a low cost”
-Recruiter, Wells Fargo

“This was a terrific training for new to highly experienced recruiters and was a great way to learn and enhance true passive sourcing”,
-Director, Talent Recruitment, L’Oreal

“Conni is a true professional! Very articulate, passionate, knowledgeable, and creative.”
-Vice President, Pivotal Search.

“Excellent Presentation! Conni provided a solid methodology for making a successful sourcing calling an ethical manner! She delivers the content in an easy to follow interactive manner”
-Chair of the Speaker Committee, NAPS

“Conni is a terrific presenter. Her cool & calm composure while making calls was illuminating. I will definitely be utilizing her techniques”,
-Vice President, Staffing, CNN Corporation

“Conni’s presentation was easy to listen to, impactful, and can absolutely add value to my zone recruiter’s practices. Thank you for specific examples!”
-Manager of Field Staffing, TJX

“Thought phone sourcing was passé but now see it as a terrific compliment to a solid sourcing strategy”
-Vice President, Client Strategy, Comcast

“Led by extremely knowledgeable and informed recruitment professionals who really get it!”
-Director, Talent Acquisition, PepsiCo

“Excellent workshop that brought me back to the foundation of my recruiting experience and learned so many new techniques”,
-Executive Recruiter/Program Manager, MetLife

“Very informative. Great learning experience!”
-Senior Sourcing Specialist, Aon Hewitt

“Going back to the basics of sourcing and asking the right questions, in the right way can get you the information you’re looking for”,
-Executive Recruiter, ADP

“This is the most efficient way to identify and get access to the most qualified candidates who are the best at what they do”
-Talent Acquisition/ Recruitment Leader, DuPont

“We were thrilled with both your content and delivery. We would like you to formalize a long term strategic relationship, to have you develop a “refresher continuing education” for our existing staff and we like to have all of our associate and new consultants, as part of their orientation, meet with you for training on ID and Development”
-Managing Partner, Boston search firm

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like I got a “lifetime” of AHA moments in just 8 hours”
-Senior HR Specialist, Hershey’s

“Unbelievable techniques for identifying and reeling in diversity talent, whom you would otherwise miss entirely”
-Director, Talent Acquisition, L’Oreal

“This presentation was GREAT! Conni was so knowledgeable and full of energy!”
-Executive Recruiter, Preferred Personnel Inc.