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ROI Analyses

Telephone research is real-time, primary research while what we find online is secondary research. The information we gather from calling into a company simply cannot be found online. The key to succeeding in recruiting is learning how to increase candidate quality, creating talent-rich pipelines and maximizing competitive intelligence while spending minimal time managing information overload. Supplementing internet findings with original telephone research elevates candidate quality and empowers the proactive pipelining we all seek.

Yield for Research Investment (YFRI): Process, Production & Reliability Engineers, c. $85k base

For a Top 5 RPO Company for their Client: Fortune 100 Global Technology Manufacturer:

  • Total Target Companies                  10

  • Total # of people identified          139

  • Total On-Target Individuals            45

  • Not Identifiable on LinkedIn          26

  • Total Phone Screened By Client      6

  • Placements by Client                         2 (thus far)

Total Hours for Identification: 40 hours for 2 placements thus far, with additional hires to be made at no additional cost.
Note: 58% of the on-target names were not identifiable on LinkedIn nor via appropriate keyword search strings.

Yield for Research Investment (YFRI): VP Directors, Commercial Banking Compliance Testing, c. $150k base

For a leading international bank

  • Total Target Companies             11

  • Total # of people identified       92

  • Total On-Target Individuals       58

  • Not Identifiable on LinkedIn      25

  • Total Phone Screened                40

  • Presented                                       5 (includes diversity individuals)

  • Hired by Client                               2 (thus far)

  • Future Pipeline                              4

  • Not Interested                             31

  • New Recommendations            12

Total Hours for Identification and Candidate Development: 133.15 hours for 2 hires thus far with additional hires to be made at no additional cost. 43% of the on-target names were not identifiable on LinkedIn nor via keyword search strings.

Probiotic Design R&D Director DIVERSITY hire, after the client struggled to fill the position for 26 months. We identified 34 on-target individuals, presented 4 for a $25B mfg. co. All 34 were UNKNOWN to our client despite their searching for 2 years

Medical Unit Head and DIVERSITY hire, identifying 82 on-target individuals in 3 therapeutic areas for a $50B global pharmaceutical company with NO duplicates from the list of c. 700 individuals already known to them.

Please note that a significant study was conducted by one of our multibillion-dollar client companies of four external research/sourcing firms and ExecuQuest Corp. was found to deliver the greatest ROI via:

  • Providing very clear and concise updates with the status of the work in progress

  • Completing a very thorough intake

  • Quality of work is consistent

  • Providing the most on-target names (not the most names in general but the most qualified individuals)

  • Completing research when other firms said they could not complete it or felt they were blocked.

We at ExecuQuest Corp. were thrilled to be recognized as the winning firm.  We specialize in the lost art of real-time telephone research and training, supplementing simultaneous internet findings with on-target, qualified, passive talent.