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Expert Talent Sourcing Services

Thank you to our longstanding clients who call us their “secret weapon”. ExecuQuest Corp. TalentSourcingExperts have one driving mission: facilitating recruiting and search consultants to be the best you can be. With over three decades of successful client relationships, we are preferred providers of high-end talent sourcing, competitive organization chart development, research/market analysis and passive candidate development via targeted NLP telephone outreach, expert online sourcing and Search/Research Success™ by ExecuQuest training globally. We consistently deliver UN-identifiable talent via efficient cold-calling, finding the heads-down, doing-their-jobs, gainfully employed, truly passive, qualified talent you seek. As we evolve to a technology-driven society, we espouse technology enhancing recruiting, not driving recruiting, to empower our connecting with people. Our passion for excellence drives our unparalleled commitment to quality, value and exceptional client service. Impossible search? We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in delivering outstanding talent for your critical needs.

The underutilized, free resource that we specialize in, ethical telephone sourcing, is efficient at all levels, all positions, in the US and abroad and delivers a far greater return than internet alone. As hourly research providers, we develop our information as efficiently as possible each and every time, for each and every client, with each and every click, in each and every phone call, as we simultaneously evaluate and incorporate smart search string findings. We are well-versed in advanced online search and scraping techniques, while calling into companies directly. Our on-target results are based on efficient search strategy and time management. Many of the individuals we identify are UN-findable online and therefore, receiving NO recruiting calls… the definition of passive talent.

We offer four services which can be stopped and started as your needs dictate:
1) Identification/Competitive Landscaping: the identification of the on-target talent you seek, specific to your position specifications, concentrating on the nice-to-haves as well as the must-haves. We identify entire teams and send names, titles, to whom they report, direct dial and mobile numbers, email addresses and embedded profiles in Excel and Visio organization charts. Our research findings have been evaluated with others’ research firms and have bene found to deliver the greatest ROI (contact us for the analysis). We welcome the opportunity to share sample research.

2) Candidate Development: calling prospects from our Identification and professionally presenting our clients’ opportunities. Candidate Development can be for an immediate need or to begin a courtship process for future needs or feeding the pipeline. We specialize in reeling in qualified, passive talent and in obtaining value-added competitive intelligence and additional qualified recommendations.

3) Customized, Success-driven, Training: to meet and exceed Hiring Manager and client expectations, Search/Research Success™ by ExecuQuest and The 7 Habits of Successful Sourcers™. This recruiter and sourcer training is unique in that we teach a pragmatic recruiting system which emphasizes efficient online tools plus phone sourcing to identify on-target talent and obtain qualified recommendations which cannot otherwise be found We request challenging positions-to-fill from participants, call into the hiring managers’ most desirable target companies, identify the on-target talent, record the calls and utilize them as case studies to impart our tried-and-true techniques, delivering the otherwise UN-findable talent, to whom they report, how many people they manage, etc. See participant comments

Gaining a seat at the table: the Consultative Approach and the Hiring Manager

  • Increase candidate quality: hire the most qualified talent, not the most available talent
  • Build the competitive intelligence: make each call count
  • Reeling in the most qualified talent: the compelling Sell
  • Manage priorities and diminish information overload
  • Evaluating ROI of Sourcing Tools
  • Add value to your clients beyond presenting candidates, improve your individual ROI in your firm and build your personal brand as the “Deliverer of Results”!

4) Performance Coaching: This offering meets the needs of those organizations that simply want to improve results at an individual, high-impact level. Performance Coaching delivers customized coaching to individual recruiters, sourcing professionals, and their leaders in order to perfect their acumen for any phase of the sourcing/recruiting process and is a highly effective supplement to participation in the Search/Research Success™ by ExecuQuest workshop. This offering allows leaders of recruiting and sourcing functions to complement their leadership skills with deeper technical acumen for the sourcing/recruiting function that they manage.

The war for talent has changed in that there is certainly more available talent, but there remains a greater need for the most qualified talent. Many position openings, said to be “challenging” or “difficult”, are neither. It’s just that the qualified talent has not been identified, called and compelled to consider the opportunity. We are adept at identifying and reeling in talent at the $75-750k levels and have supported our search consultant clients at million dollar levels. As with all our research, our clients may hire or place one or several individuals for the one-time research fee, which diminishes cost-per-hire as additional hires/placements are made.

As we evolve to a technology-driven society, we espouse technology enhancing recruiting, not driving recruiting, to empower recruiters to connect with people. We at ExecuQuest Corp. are proactive recruiters and research consultants: our clients could not possibly mistake us for data-miners. Just as the hiring managers are the SMEs, we are relied upon for our successful recruiting strategies and techniques as we improve our, and your, reputations as Deliverers of Results.




1.What is the value of picking up the telephone in today’s heavily technology-driven era?

Beyond your database/ATS, most recruiters are relying on LinkedIn to source for new, qualified talent.   But what is the accuracy of the data?   An expert Research Associate can identify the top dozen potential candidates who meet all of the qualifications and can call to verify title, obtain to whom the s/he reports, how many people the individual manages directly and in total (scope of responsibility), how long in role, who s/he replaced, current whereabouts as well as names of peers and other potential candidates.  The candidate development process, reaching out to describe the position, vet for interest and source for additional talent, is tremendously improved when all the research has been verified and further developed. 


2. How does the paradigm shift in talent sourcing affect the role of the researcher?

The abundance of online tools and sites has enhanced the search/research process but has created information overload for those who are not adequately trained in search/research methodologies, best practices and metrics.   Do This, Not That: Talent Sourcing for Speed and Success, my presentation at the Executive Research Forum, on Tuesday, June 19 in NY will provide time-tested tips and tricks to increase Associates’ confidence, skills and reputations as Deliverers of Results!


3. Having information is good but having too much of it can be overwhelming. And in today’s age, data and information are everywhere. How can a good researcher effectively navigate and prioritize what information to analyze?

There is no substitute for identifying the companies recognized for excellence in (enter industry and product/service) and then identifying the individuals responsible for creating that success.  Knowing what to say in a phone inquiry, utilizing NLP/neuro-linguistics programming and the “objective qualifiers” from the position description, is empowering and fun!   This one skill can distinguish the research and propel the search to a speedy and successful completion.


4. What makes the difference between a good telephone call from a great one?

Certainly a responsive person on the other end is required but many search professionals quit too soon.  A great phone call not only compels the best talent to consider an opportunity but it also elicits proprietary organizational data and unlocks qualified sources.  A great phone call can also result in new business, a welcome by-product.


5. How can a researcher make one’s e-mail or voicemail stand out from the rest?

We use several methods to successfully connect:  1) we call while emailing so that caller ID lists our name as it appears in the person’s Inbox; 2) individuals who have not replied to our calls or emails have accepted Calendly requests for a brief phone meeting; 3)  we schedule a 6 am email so that the individual will read upon waking up, call at 8:30, 11:30 and 4 pm; and 4) after leaving VM, we dial 0#, ask if he/she is in today, say we’ve left a VM and ask for his/her cell phone number. 

 Speaking of cell phone #s, we’ve had great success in searching online for the person’s name in quotes and the area code of the state s/he lived in 1992-2012, the years that mobile phones became most prevalent.