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ExecuQuest Corp. customizes success-driven, learning programs, Search/Research Success™ by ExecuQuest and The 7 Habits of Successful Sourcers™, to meet and exceed hiring manager and client expectations. This interactive recruiter and sourcer training is unique in that we teach a pragmatic recruiting system which emphasizes efficient online tools plus phone sourcing to identify on-target talent and obtain qualified recommendations which cannot otherwise be found. We request challenging positions-to-fill from participants, call into the hiring managers’ most desirable target companies, identify the on-target talent, record the calls and utilize them as case studies to impart our tried-and-true techniques. When we play the calls in the training sessions, delivering the otherwise UN-findable talent, to whom they report, how many people they manage, etc., there is high-fiving all around!

We also reverse-research our findings for two reasons:

1)   If we find the name online, we may find it on an excel list with other on-target talent and it may reveal new online sources for us to search and

2)   If we don’t find the name online, it validates the need to supplement internet and database research with original, telephone research.

See participant comments.

Modules can include:

  • Gaining a seat at the table: the Consultative Approach and the Hiring Manager
  • Increase candidate quality: hire the most qualified talent, not the most available talent
  • Build the competitive intelligence: make each call count
  • Reeling in the most qualified talent: the compelling Sell
  • Manage priorities and diminish information overload
  • Evaluating ROI of Sourcing Tools
  • Add value to your clients beyond presenting candidates, improve your individual ROI in your firm and build your personal brand as the “Deliverer of Results”!


As we evolve to a technology-driven society, we espouse technology enhancing recruiting, not driving recruiting, to empower recruiters to connect with people. We at ExecuQuest Corp. are proactive recruiters and research consultants: our clients could not possibly mistake us for data-miners. Just as the hiring managers are the SMEs, we are relied upon for our successful recruiting strategies and techniques. Let us help you improve your performance and your reputations as Deliverer of Results.


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