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We are proud to partner with the Association of Executive Search Consultants www.aesc.orgSince 1959, the AESC has set the standard for quality and ethics in executive search and leadership consulting worldwide.  Visit our partner page at www.aesc.org/about-us/partners/execuquest-corp.


ExecuQuest Research Corp., www.EQCTalentSourcingExperts.com.com, has one driving mission: facilitating search consultants to be the best they can be.  With over three decades of successful client relationships, we are preferred providers of high-end talent sourcing, competitive organization chart development, research/market analysis and passive candidate development via targeted NLP telephone outreach, expert online sourcing and Search/Research Success™ by ExecuQuest training.  Our passion for excellence drives our unparalleled commitment to quality, value and exceptional client service.

As hourly research providers, our competent team develops extensive industry knowledge as efficiently as possible for each and every search, in each and every phone call, as we simultaneously incorporate smart search string findings and social media. In an era of picked-over databases and online tools, we believe in the effectiveness of original human intelligence in developing accurate, actionable research for successful executive search.


We excel in:

  • Delivering on-target talent in excel and Visio org charts with embedded profiles and photos
  • Creative, out-of-the-box solutions for hard-to-fill positions
  • Diversity recruitment and
  • Working within tight budgets and deadlines to meet our global clients’ quest for top talent.

We have been evaluated against other research providers, delivering the greatest ROI via three metrics:

  1. Identifying the most on-target names, not the most names
  2. Successfully penetrating companies others cannot and
  3. More placements are realized from our research.


We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in delivering outstanding talent for your critical client needs.  Conni LaDouceur, President and Chief Sourcing Strategist, +1-410-667-8400, conni@eqcadvisors.com