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What We Do

Search/Research Success™ by ExecuQuest Workshop
A unique, one or two-day training that instructs corporate recruiting and sourcing professionals on how to conduct Search/Research in an ethical manner and produce similar results to those described above. This customized, six-module, interactive training gets the participants actively involved through role-plays, group exercises and, most importantly, hands-on experience in making live calls during the class. Call us to develop a custom workshop for your Recruiters and Sourcers, unlike any other. See our empowered training here.

Performance Coaching
This offering meets the needs of those organizations that simply want to improve results at an individual, high-impact level. Performance Coaching delivers customized coaching to individual recruiters, sourcing professionals, and their leaders in order to perfect their acumen for any phase of the sourcing/recruiting process and is a highly effective supplement to participation in the Search/Research Success™ by ExecuQuest workshop. This offering allows leaders of recruiting and sourcing functions to complement their leadership skills with deeper technical acumen for the sourcing/recruiting function that they manage.

Consulting and Advisory Services
Primarily focused on corporations that wish to build or optimize their internal sourcing functions, this offering will bring years of knowledge and expertise acquired from a successfully-managed research company into the design and implementation of new sourcing functions. For those corporations that have existing functions, advisory services are available to strengthen and/or modify the model in order to accelerate desired results. Matters related to leadership dynamics, process, technology, people, execution, performance-based metrics and scorecards, diversity sourcing, building internal support and branding, and other key components to the healthy anatomy of internal sourcing functions comprise the substance of this unique-in-the-market offering.

Re: our strategic search/research services, the compelling reasons to consider ExecuQuest Corp. as your preferred research and sourcing partner are that you will:

  •  Obtain the names, titles, direct dial phone numbers and reporting relationships of the on-target talent identified by telephone and otherwise UN-identifiable
  •  See ALL the qualified talent per your specific position profiles, not just those found on the Internet and in the active market
  •  Consider qualified and interested candidates whom you and other companies do not know of nor are contacting
  •  Hire one or all for the one-time research fee
  •  Save time and money in the process
  •  Learn new ways to identify, reel in and source qualified talent as we will share with you our process and findings, thereby building your internal reputations as the Deliverers of Results and
  •  Improve candidate quality thereby increasing bottom line

We develop on-target talent mapping via original (telephone) and secondary (internet) research to meet your specific hiring needs by target companies, responsibilities, levels and markets, delivering information in Excel and Visio organization charts.  We provide the most on-target names, titles, direct dial phone numbers, email addresses, to whom individuals report and additional value-added information, for immediate hiring and pipelining.  Our final reports include approximately 40 on-target names and approximately 60 names in total per market as we believe these numbers will yield 3-5 qualified and interested potential candidates for consideration.  Please note that we do not provide the most names per market but we will provide the most on-target names.

Please be assured that as hourly research providers, we endeavor to impress you with our on-target talent mapping and insight.  We develop the information as efficiently as possible each and every time, for each and every client, in each and every phone call.  We are relied upon for our primary research development and take great pride in our work.  As always, we would be careful stewards of your research investment.


Why Partner with ExecuQuest Corp?

If you recruit for individuals whose profiles and resumes are NOT online, the ExecuQuest Corp. process can produce astounding results. Depending on the talent pool you seek, as many as 72% of qualified candidates either don’t have LI profiles, have profiles that cannot be found by search terms or cannot be discovered via smart search strings. The phone continues to deliver on-target original research to supplement internet and database candidates, regardless of function, industry or level. Impossible search*? We excel in identifying the most qualified talent, not just the most available, talent including the UN-findable.

We consistently deliver UN-identifiable talent via efficient cold-calling, finding the heads-down, doing-their-jobs, gainfully employed, truly passive qualified talent you seek. As hourly research providers, we develop our information as efficiently as possible each and every time, for each and every client, in each and every phone call, as we simultaneously evaluate and incorporate smart search string findings. We are well-versed in advanced online search and scraping techniques, while calling into companies directly – an efficient and effective method for delivering results.

As we evolve to a technology-driven society, we espouse technology enhancing recruiting, not driving recruiting, to empower recruiters to connect with people. We are metrics-driven, proactive research associates – our long-standing clients could not possibly mistake us for data-miners. Just as the hiring managers are the SMEs, we are relied upon for our successful sourcing strategies and techniques as we improve our, and your, reputations as Deliverers of Results.

*Impossible search? Challenge us!